Crystal Reports Development

All reports in the Winledge series were created with Crystal Reports (tm.) Should you require any revisions Classic will work with you to design a custom version of the report to better fit your company's needs.

Classic can also design unique reports to your exact specifications. The data source can be almost any data source supported by Crystal.

Classic can also work with your current development group, to produce a series of custom reports using the Crystal engine.

Data Integration

If you need to move and/or convert data, we can probably assist you. We have completed many projects to both export and import data into our software.

Cloud / Web Application Development

Classic can also work with you to integrate your WinLedge accounting software with your web site.

Classic also hosts a number of custom applications on our Microsoft Azure servers. So when you need to tie accounting and web together, give us a call and we can probably help you out.

EDI Integration

Classic has also worked with a number of customers to develop custom EDI solutions. We have experience in the food service industry and produced various 810, 882, 856 and 850 documents. We have also worked on a system to simplify border crossings by providing the data in EDI format.

Equipment Integration

Classic has experience in the integration of a number of different devices. To name a few:

  • Point of Sale Equipment
  • Handheld Computers
  • Scanners
  • Label Printers
  • Cash registers
  • Time Clocks

If you have a specific device that you would like to tie to accounting and/or payroll let us know and we can review the project together.

Custom Software

When "off-the-shelf" just won't work for your business, then it's a good time to have a look at customization. Many times Classic can produce a custom version of the system for less than our competitors charge for their "canned" packages.

Classic offers a variety of services such as:

  • Customization of existing modules. If you find something that you would like changed then simply let us know and we can provide you with a quotation.
  • Perhaps you have an idea for a new piece of software, but need an experienced business team to create if for you. Since the early 90's Classic has been producing custom systems for hundreds of industries.
  • Custom reports is another area of expertise for Classic. Using the award winning Crystal reports module, we are able to create an unlimited number of highly specialized reports. Need cross-tables, graphs or specialized exports then let us know.
  • Do you use Microsoft Excel?  We have completed many projects in which Excel is an essential part of the integration puzzle.   Whether we feed the data from WinLedge to a worksheet, or pickup data from a worksheet to load into WinLedge, we have the tools and experience to complete your project on-time and on-budget!